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Rosen v. Kerr Corporation

Oium Reyen & Pryor  represents Kerr Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of dental products. The Rosen case was a wrongful death claim brought by the heirs of Dr. Sherwin Rosen. Plaintiffs alleged that Dr. Rosen, a 59-year old former dentist, died of mesothelioma caused by exposure to an asbestos tape distributed by Kerr Corporation. Plaintiffs claimed that Dr. Rosen used the tape while he was a dental student at the University of California in San Francisco between 1958 and 1962. Plaintiffs settled out with numerous other asbestos defendants prior to trial and focused on trying the case against Kerr and the University.

Keith Reyen and Frank Petrek, an attorney with Bollinger, Ruberry and Garvey in Chicago, tried the case on behalf of Kerr. The case was tried in Alameda Superior Court in Oakland over a four-week period. Cross-examination of some of the most frequently used plaintiffs’ experts actually aided the defense and ultimately led to a defense verdict.


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